MOBIS - The Mobile Oasis

Avant-Gardening's newest project is another collaboration with artist Lisa Cheung and
explores new ways of involving a large community with arts and growing. For this project,
Lisa has invited designer Sammy Delgado Escobar of Konvertible to design and build
MOBIS the Mobile Oasis.

MOBIS is a new, modular work in several parts that acts as a hub rather than a self-
contained growing space, thus bringing greater flexibility and movement to the project.
Community spaces, private gardens and public spaces will become the growing spaces
and residents will be invited to plant their own mini allotments according to their interests.

MOBIS consists of; a mobile hub or oasis, oversized scooters to move the components
around the estate and mini allotments that residents will be invited to plant and tend. The
oasis collects rainwater and also acts as a hub where workshops are held, mini allotments
are displayed and the resident/gardeners come together to share and research
information, share seeds and seedlings and take part in community focused activities.
The wooden, oversized scooters are inspired by vehicles in Congo that people use to
move heavy cargo and will be used to move the mini allotments around Foxhill. The
scooters can bring mini allotments to the oasis as well as transport them to other places
where it might be possible to start a mini-allotment.
The mini allotments will be planted and tended by local residents according to their specific
interests. Residents may want to grow herbs to add flavour to their food, grow scented
plants for making soaps or bath bombs, or plant a mini bee or butterfly garden. Specifically
grown mini-allotments could be transported to the local school during term time or could
carry a colourful, sensory garden to a house-bound or elderly person on the estate.

MOBIS might pop up next to the mobile library, appear in the school grounds for gardening
workshops, or outside the local church during film screenings/events. The scooters can
also form a way of connecting the estate with the new development Mulberry Park, and the
adjacent Combe Down community and could be ‘toured’ there. This will all contribute to
our aim of getting the residents moving and interacting as part of the wider programme of
animating the gardens and community spaces of Foxhill.
The project has been funded by Arts Council England, with additional support from Curo.
MOBIS is being constructed at ART HUB STUDIOS (Woolwich, London).

Casino Road 2015

New sculptural light works by Lisa Cheung showing at Alicia Rey Gallery, Madrid

 210 cm x 28 cm x 40 cm

Casino Road is a new series of light sculptures that was inspired an enchanting, little garden of a small house where my young son and I spent two summers together.  The house is located in a quiet, leafy neighbourhood in the south of England.  Here, we passed most of our time in the garden: playing, having picnics and tending the small garden and vegetable patch.  In the garden bloomed sunflowers and roses. For me, these works are whimsical memories of our summer.

The works also are inspired my interest in traditional Chinese handicraft of paper cutting as well paper cuts outs of Matisse, of which I am a great admirer.

This series of five sculptures are made from laser cut wood and acrylic.

Photo credit : Olga Ianez Blanco

40 cm x 50 cm x 65 cm