In collaboration with Alex Tuckwood, 2022
Commissioned by Southbank Centre
With support from Lambeth Council

Long Pond, Clapham Common
Photo Sara Wong

STELA (Super Terrestrial Electric Light Aurora) is a symbol of the fragile existence of nature. Its form outlines the majesty and geometry of icebergs floating on the surface of icy waters.

However, rather than being a solid mass, it is skeleton-like, exposing and highlighting its fragile and precarious existence. It reminds us that, no matter the size and apparent strength, everything is vulnerable and transient.

STELA hopes to transport you to polar domains, reinforcing the intrinsic relationship we have with the poles and the need for immediate and radical change to protect both of these delicate worlds.

 Winter Festival at Southbank, London

Royal Festival Hall, Clore Ballroom Balcony
Film Paul Allen


T.U.G. (Thamesmead United Glow) 2022

recycled 2 pint plastic milk bottles, hula hoops and led lighting

Light installation in collaboration with Debo Adegoke and Alex Tuckwood.  Special thanks to the SE London and Kent RC Boaters for all your support and help!

Installed during Light the Way Lighting Festival in Thamesmead, London.  TUG sculptures where tugged around Mere Lake by RC boats.


Make and Play

in collaboratiion with AVANT GARDENINGcardboard, paper, paint

A series of  outdoor, family-orientated workshops on Fair Street Estate, London, to collectively construct a DIY crazy golf course in an under-used green, public space of the estate.  Participates helped construct and decorate elements of the golf course based on their everyday architecture and surroundings.  The golf course was constructed with laser cut recycled cardboard.  An all-ages community golf tournament will be held in September 2019.