MOBIS 2016

    wood, used plastic crates, plants
    10 cm (l) x 80 cm (w) x 200 cm (h)
MOBIS is a participatory arts/gardening project conceived and developed for the postwar Foxhill housing estate in Bath.  Curated by Suzanne Heath, in collaboration with Avant Gardening.

Foxhill is an area undergoing great change. Mulberry Park, a new mixed-use development including 700 new homes, a community centre and primary school is currently being built on a site adjacent to Foxhill. Curo, the social landlord for 70% of residents in Foxhill, has been granted outline planning permission for the demolition of parts of the existing estate, with the aim of integrating the two.  MOBIS intention was to activate the public spaces within the existing community and encourage community spirit during a difficult transitional period.

The MOBIS artwork consists of two growing kiosks, incorporating a canopy for rainwater collection, and shelving for the storage of mini allotments (made of purple plastic crates recycled from a local dairy). The mini allotments themselves are the modular element of the artwork structure, enabling the allotments to be moved around easily.

The kiosks have become small-scale outdoor venues for activity, and has enabled the artists to meet local residents who have come along to events held at MOBIS. Residents have also helped to water and care for the plants, fill watering cans and even make cups of tea! Events held at MOBIS in Foxhill have included a seed swap (an event held in collaboration with local organisations), family-friendly workshops including cyanotype photography, ice cream- and bath bomb-making and a mini zen garden making workshop. MOBIS has also functioned as a venue for free 5-minute massages for local residents and outdoor yoga for families.

Cyanotype printing workshop using natural materials
found in the garden and surrounding area.

Mini Zen Garden workshop

Neighbours helping planting
S.P. Junior 2016

    wood, found metal BMX handle bars, used rubber car tires, skateboard grip tape, coloured tape
    various sizes approx. 200 cm (l) x 30 cm (w) x 130 cm (h)

    (in collaboration with Sammy Delgado Escobar)

Originally built for the project MOBIS (series of 3) as a low-tech and accessible solution to help move heavy loads (such as the mini allotments) by physically pushing and the occasional scooting. S.P. Junior was inspired by cargo scooters in Africa. It is currently being employed at the Fair Street Estate (London) moving compost and gardening materials for the community garden.