Funded ACE and Unltd
In partnership with Avant-Gardening 
and Well Care

Mobile Allotment was sited on Nightingale Estate 2009 (Woolwich, London) and
Oaklands Primary School 2010-11 (Bethnal Green, London).
As well, Mobile Allotment visited various Green Fairs and Festivals including Hackney Wick Festival (2009), Barbican (2009), and the Thames Festival (2010).

Mobile Allotment is a mobile, temporary vegetable garden that was first installed on a green space with Nightingale Estate. It invited the local residents to plant and tend a temporary vegetable garden on a green site that was partly neglected and underused. Residents helped install the garden and during the course of the year, created an additional two more raised beds which they successfully obtained permission and funding from the council to maintain on a long-term basis. Regular gardening sessions, as well as a series of garden-related workshops, activities and fun events, complemented the community garden.

In 2010-11, Mobile Allotment moved to Oaklands School where Special Education Needs children transformed it into a Sensory Garden for the whole school to enjoy.


Mobile Allotment draws on the traditions of allotments in the UK and other European countries.  Allotments were a necessity during the war year food shortages and now have enjoyed a recent resurgence due to the greater importance placed on organic and local production coupled with rising food prices. Often times, unwanted unusual spaces in urban centres were used for allotments because of their easy accessibility and availability; thus transforming “unused” land into communal spaces. Furthermore allotment garden is characterised by a strong community spirit, passionate individuals and a generous sharing of knowledge, work, and of course food! 

Allotments in London are notoriously difficult to obtain, plagued with impossible waiting lists and scarcity.  However with renewed interest in local food production and healthy eating, the demand for allotments has intensified.  Unfortunately, the needs on urban land seem to overpower allotments, leaving less available space for these communal vegetable gardens.

Mobile at Nightingale Estate, Woolwich (London)

Mobile Allotment in front of Mayor's Office, London
Mobile Allotment at Hackney Wick Green Fair, 2010