Operation Deep Freeze

Operation Deep Freeze is an enticing exploration of food and flavours; of the pleasures of growing your own foods and of sharing new experiences with friends, family and neighbours. Avant-Gardening are collaborating with artist Lisa Cheung to make Operation Deep Freeze (ODF), a mobile ice-cream making and tasting unit that will roam the streets of acting as a pop-up community hub and experimental taste sensation!


Operation Deep Freeze was initially funded by the Arts Council of England.

ODF has been invited to participate in Creative Roots www.creativeroots.co  (Battersea, London & Mereside, Blackpool), Art Moves http://www.artmoves.org.uk/lisa-cheung-and-avant-gardening/ (Queen Olympic Park, London), Phoneix Housing (Lewisham).

More to come in 2015 ...