Huert-o-bus was a project commissioned by Madrid Abierto in 2009.  It took place in Madrid during the month of February, 2009.  Huert-o-bus is a travelling, community greenhouse.  It visited four distinct neighbourhoods in Madrid  (Usera, Plaza de Colon, Lavapies and Tetuan) in concrete plazas large and small that are devoid of green space.  It invited neighbours to plant seeds, help take care of the garden and participate in community life.  It also hosted lunches with urban gardeners and people interested in creating community urban gardens.

Huert-o-bus tries to expand the possible uses of public spaces in our everyday, urban environment.  It uses elements of citylife (trucks/cars, traffic, etc) to create a mobile greenhouse/vegetable garden where local residents can meet, plant their own food and interact without infringing on the existing land or regulations.

Special thanks to Paco, Sammy and Javi and all friends and volunteers that helped and supported the project.