Summer Palace 2007

500 cm x 40 cm x 200 cm
 Plywood, umbrellas, plants

Commissioned by A Foundation for the Southport Flower Show.   

Summer Palace invited over 50 different community groups and local allotment societies with the Liverpool and Southport areas to represent themselves horticulturally together with the artist at the Southport Flower Show.  Thank you to all the groups and individuals who worked so hard to make this project happen.

Chinese Princess 2007

Chinese Princess are a series of chandiers created by laser cutting acrylic.  The design was inspired by the traditional Chinese craft of papercutting.

They have been on show at Hoxton Hall (London) 2008, China Now, Liberty's (London) 2008, Affordable Art Fair (Milan) 2013.  

Catchers in the Night 2007