Qi Collection 2006
Plymouth Museum of Art, Plymouth 
Jumbo Jet
Digital ceramic transfer on found porcelain ceramic, 24K gold lustre
27 cm x 27 cm x 4 cm

3 Graces

Three Graces, detail

Museum Installation
Qi Collection was commissioned for the group exhibition "Close Distance" curated by Zoe Li.  It was exhibited with the ceramic collection of Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery.  Qi Collection was inspired by conversations the artist had with members of the Chinese community in Plymouth about the personal experiences of immigration to Britain and life as an immigrant.  

Lassie Come Home 2005
with Ming Wong
Performance & Workshops at Camden Arts Centre, London & Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester

Pique Nique 2005
First Site, Colchester
Mobile chocolate fondue unit that traveled throughout public spaces around Colchester offering passers by a chance to stop, share and indulge.

  I asked her and she said yes